Peters Fox Red Slugger & Peters Fox Red Rosemary
Puppies whelped 10/27/23

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Fancy - ***Sold***

3 Weeks Old - Spoken For

Buddy (male)

Buddy stocking

Buddy Laying

Willow (Female)

Willow standing

Willow - 3 Weeks
Willow - 8 days
Willow - 2 weeks

Kini (Female)

Kini Sitting

Seager ***Sold***

Seager - 3 weeks
Seager - 2 Weeks

Breeding Rights
We may allow open breeding rights outside a 100 mile radius of Greene County, Missouri, within our discretion, for an additional $500.  Anyone inside a 100 mile radius will have limited registration.

Reserve a Puppy 
At the announcement of an upcoming litter, we will start taking $200 deposits to reserve a puppy.  To reserve a puppy, call Jason at (417) 827-6547. 

When the puppies are born, people on the reserve list are contacted as to how many puppies were born, and of what gender.   If you didn't qualify for a puppy, your deposit will be refunded in full, or you can forward your deposit to the next litter, where you will go up in line. 

People are welcome to come and look at the puppies and/or Sire and Dam anytime after the puppies are 2 weeks old, with arrangements made in advance.  Puppy  selection  can start anytime with the first people on the list, but must start by week 5, to allow everyone time by the 8 week pickup.  Their personalities start really showing up between 4-6 weeks.

Males $1,200

Females $1,500

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